GMK Hammerhead


Hammerhead, designed by KeyLabs Keycaps (Chad and Andrew), features two base kits – Light and Dark. Colors are being matched to Pantone 533 C, 3258 C, 536 C, and 2378 C.

This set is produced by GMK with doubleshot ABS plastic. It is compatible with MX switches.

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GMK Hammerhead is designed to support nearly all keyboards out there, from HHKB layouts, to Ortholinear layouts, we are sure you will find your fit. The GMK Hammerhead Group-Buy comes with 5 Kits, you can look at the following kits below. The kits have been designed with making Minimum Order Quantities set by GMK in mind, this Group-Buy has a larger than standard selection of sets. Many keys have been re-grouped over the development of the set to make sure that the Group-Buy will be succesful.