MM Switch

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MM switch are custom linear switches manufactured by JWK, which consists of 4 different materials for the stem, 3 different materials for the bottom and top housing, and metal contact leaves. There can be 36 different combinations of colors and materials, allowing customers to fully enjoy assembling their customized switch.

Mix & Match

Each part (component) of the switch sold separately. in packs of 35.
Mix and match to create your own unique color and material combos!
Housings and stems are manufactured by JWK

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Stem UPE vàng, Stem P3 cam, Stem LY xanh lá, Stem POM hồng, Top nylon xanh blue, Top UHMWPE tím, Top POM hồng, Bot nylon xanh blue kèm lá đồng, Bot UHMWPE tím kèm lá đồng, Bot POM hồng kèm lá đồng, Combo (stem, top, bot, lò xo TL635) lắp đủ 36 sw, Lò xo Triple Stage TL635 63.5g, Lò xo Triple Stage TL53 53g, Lò xo Single Stage CL1000